Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Holding Fire - Sarah Pickering. The New Current Exhibition at Ffotogallery! *May 9 - June 20 2009*

Holding Fire brings together for the first time two bodies of work Incident and Explosions, capturing the fascinating and bizarre spectacles to be found in the training centres of the emergency services. On gallery level one, large black and white images of fire-damaged interiors present us with an institutional simulation of potentially tragic events - scenarios that are recreated, restaged and repeated endlessly by the fire fighting services. By way of contrast, the ground floor exhibition features full colour images of pyrotechnic explosions used by British police and military instructors to intensify the sense of drama and tension in training exercises. These pictures are part of a series taken at test sites in the English countryside where the bursts of light, flames, sparks, and smoke sit incongruously in the rural setting.

Sarah Pickering explains what attracted her to the subject:

“Whether real or artificial, we enjoy looking at explosions and fire scenes and, as an artist, I’m of course fascinated by their visual seductiveness. By using photography to record a simulated or imagined scene, I’m creating a document that is already a departure from reality”

To find out more about current events (Such as the next Froum) please refer to the Ffotogallery@Turnerhouse Website

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