Friday, 29 January 2010


Thanks to all who attended last night's FORUM, it was a new year scorcher packed full of exciting news and art. If you would like to present work at the next FORUM then get in touch by emailing P.s we are changing the date to Thursday the 18th of February we think - post your comments below!

Here are the minutes as compiled by tommy hobson, Jo also took notes so she
might also post those later.

Naturally I started FORUM by talking about myself

and then we talked about............

FORUM print project. The vibe is A5, the brief is open, cogs are turning - Is Jack going to design some sort of lush slip case thing??? Next Book Arts Fayre is scheduled for Saturday April the 17th - get thinking! !

The Crew

Sam Aldridge

Image - 'All'aperto spazzola' ( the outside brush ). Sam also updated us on the Freezing Art Fair, Open Empty Spaces, British Racing Green and his work for the show auxesis at Tactile Bosch. Fantastic stuff.

Kathryn Ashill

....was next up in the hotseat to introduce herself and her practice, but not before she introduced me to rissole! "Her work concentrates on her physical interpretations of her surroundings that culminate in live actions that are documented through photography and film." We talked about Dress Doll, rivers, Pontardawe, boobleeches and her forthcoming shows and projects such at mission gallery in Swansea amongst others!

Joanne Sutton

Otherwise known as jojo, took us on a photographic trip to nudesville with her black and white images of a local nudist, bridge tutor and man "Brian". She has the best New Years Resolution ever which is " to be better generally" and likes port salut cheese!

The image below is from Milan and is ken boody!

Helen Wangbatang Warburton

Updated us on her show " Lost In Transit " and her portraits of mother and daughter subjects. She also mentioned the notorious Kitsch Stitch Club, coming to a venue near you soon.

Jack Bishop

Original Saltash Bad Boy Jack Bishop gave us the low down on; the experimental jazz free improv record label GAIA recordings that he is working on, the procrastinator magazine and his miniature abstract technical morphological drawings that sounded lushy lush.

He is the designated print magician! hit us up with some images Jack.

Next up it was Briony Goffin, who talked about her creative writing practice and the three year project that she is undertaking with the whitchurch hospital. Briony writes about art and writing and creativity and writing and hinted that she might be making something visual for the FORUM Print Project!

She also covered her ongoing investigation into texting and the project in Chapter Arts CEntre's bar, and writing for the radio.

Forum faithful Darryl Corner is best known to the FORUM group as the writer of the weekly arts column for the Western Mail. For this FORUM we got to look at his beautiful photographs and new work that you can see on his blog. Very interesting work that includes landscapes, ephemeral marks, observations of a travellin' man. He also briefly introduced some of the commercial and moving image work that are included in his practice.

Lastly, Forum's best dressed man Gareth Farr showed us his freshly developed series of "washed up balls" as Kath Ashill termed them (thanks Kath !). Taken along Penarth's coastline the series looked good, but how will it translate to A5 print? Watch this space to find out. Mock up 2 below. Probably going to aim to collect another 50 or so images, as this may work as a large piece too. Big up.

Wowzer, that was a long post.

You should all be able to change anything that you wish and please do comment!


Tom x

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