Saturday, 19 June 2010

F O R U M minutes : June 17th, Turner House


… to Emma
- Ffotogallery’s Gallery Officer, Operations & Events
- Musician in Cardiff-based band, Islet, creator of ‘zine, The Isness

… to Paul
- Editor of Fashion, Music, Contemporary Photography, Performance Art and Literature 'glossy'
- Subscribe to Blown Magazine e-zine

… to Gareth
- The scientist within the group, and photographer on the side.

… to Daryl
- Photographer by profession, earning a living and feeding his soul.

… to Jorge
- Student at UWIC about to graduate from an MFA in Fine Art.
- Final exhibition to be held in Sept, date to be confirmed.

… to Briony
- Writer and creative writing tutor
- Works in text

… to Joanne
- Ffotogallery volunteer and occasional freelancer
- Has just started a blog for photography and writing

… to Helen
- Ffotogallery’s Gallery Officer, Audience Development
- Graphic assignee for various forthcoming publications

… to Dimitra
- NEW to F O R U M, Moved to South Wales 12 years ago
- Photographer and painter, on the side

... to F O R U M
- The ideal of F O R U M is to be a meeting point for artists, photographers, practitioners, etc., of all the fields of art, to discuss and share ideas, projects, works, etc.
- The aim is to be a supportive community, welcome to new members and new ideas.
*please also observe official statement opposite

Re-cap of important F O R U M dates
- July 15th; Artsist talk followed by F O R U M
- Aug 12th; Art BBQ
NB/ In a controlled fashion, adhering to all health & Safety rules and regulations, should this FORUM offer an opportunity for FORA 2, the destruction of art or artefact for the cause of creativity, via burning!
Also, Briony will discuss future project/ public performance that will take place at the end of October
- Arty Party in Sept in addition to F O R U M

Continuation of FORA…
… should this be an exhibition?

For further decisions/ discussions to be made, a space needs to be negotiated.
Suggestions for exhibition space,
- Disused/ derelict buildings
- Empty shop fronts; see Open Empty Spaces, ARC (Castle Arcade)
- Public intervention; outside, In the park.
- In a private dwelling; house
- Jacobs Antiques; top floor
- Established premises; Milkwood, Print Haus

Other topics/ questions raised
- Democracy in the gallery; does this exist? Is this something we should be more concerned about establishing/ demolishing?
- What is an exhibition? What does ‘exhibition’ mean to our members? How formal/ informal should an exhibition be? Is an exhibition classified by its duration?
- Should there be formal constraints put in place for making work; subject matter, site specificity, etc. aside from the constraints of time, the exhibition space, the chosen medium/ format of the work.

For our next F O R U M
- RESEARCH POSSIBLE VENUES; bring relevant data, costs, proposals, ‘physicalities’ of venues researched in order to commit to a venue

Definitive conclusion to an indefinite debate : we have committed to commit!

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