Monday, 12 July 2010

Popup Gallery Show 1 - The Pics

Well after two days of frantic hanging after work I was very happy to have about 50 kind soles through the door.

Show No 1 - featuring documentary photography by Gareth Phillips, concentrated on Holm Towers a Cancer support center in Penarth.

Below are a few pictures of the show and people enjoying the free cheap boxed wine that was on offer.

The next show will hopefully show case recent work by painter Jackie Morris, and I hope to open for a whole week !


Liam O'Connor said...

this looks ace, i was very sad that i couldn't make it. hope i can make Jackie's showing of work.

J. Karanka said...

Nice, I did one of these over a year ago and now it is in a photo festival in Hokkaido! I'll try to pop by for part 2 if I'm not busy with everything else in this world...