Friday, 13 August 2010

Art BBQ Social!

Thanks to everyone who came down last night!

The weather was delicious and the BBQ, manned by the two Gs, was delightful. Kath Ashill talked to us about her recent performances at Craig-Y-Nos and new FORUMmer Murray Ward showed us a cut of a film, 'Hiker Meat' that he is working on. Then outside for meat and meat impressionists. Rick Davies showed us some of his panoramic landscape photographs and as did Phil.

Here's some pics, y'all!

Don't forget the Ffotogallery's next preview is on Friday 27th August, Zed Nelson's Love Me. Then our next FORUM will be on Thursday 23rd September, at 6. It's going to be a bit earlier than usual because afterwards afterwards I am doing a Musical Performance, also known as a Gig, with my group at Milgi Warehouse, to which you are very much invited to attend! More details coming soon...

Emms x

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