Friday, 26 August 2011


Ways of Looking is currently looking for a team of committed volunteers to help with the smooth running of the festival. Volunteers will support and facilitate events and activities taking place throughout the festival, working face to face with the public offering information and helpful guidance to festival visitors. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience of working with professional arts organisations, as part of a nationally important photography festival. Apply by Friday 9 September 2011.

The festival will address, overturn, and playfully interact with photography’s assumed status as evidence in a range of arenas including history, politics, science, law, and conflict.
Ways of Looking offers multiple curatorial approaches to the theme, ranging from museum institutions to grass-roots collectives. Many of the works have been specially commissioned for the festival and will be shown for the first time in Bradford.

Featured artists and collectives include: Diane Bielek, Jeremy Deller, Alan Dunn, Invisible Flock, Simon Ford, Douglas Gordon, Bradford Grid, Shanaz Gulzar, Colin Lloyd, Daniel Meadows, Red Saunders, and Donovan Wylie.

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scott davidson said...

I could choose to fit the canvas print that I was ordering from to the pattern and color of the wallpaper in my living room. I could search for artwork by subject matter and even predominant colors. Then I customized the frame online because the site allowed me to match the frame style with different wallpapers, one of which looked like ours.
So now have this canvas print by Pierre Bonnard,