Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November FORUM - The Importance of Art Schools

The next FORUM will be on Thursday 24th November, 6.30pm at Turner House. 

This month the discussion will question how relevant traditional places of learning are to today's artists. 

With rising fees for education in recent years and with the notion of art scenes no longer restricting themselves to major cultural hubs, we will ask: Is a university course a necessity? 

If a course is undertaken, what does the artist gain from this experience? What other available avenues are there for guidance and critical discourse with peers? Is an MA course still the logical next step for graduates? What are the realistic alternatives?

Also we will be be pleased to host artist Nic Hughes who will be showing some of his recent work.

Turner House is Ffotogallery's exhibition space in Penarth, on Plymouth Road (CF64 3DH).

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