Saturday, 4 August 2012

Artist in Residence: Héloïse Godfrey at Sherman Cymru

Héloïse Godfrey is a fine artist engaged with ideas relating to narratives: particularly exploring bodies as sites for storytelling or forums for autobiography. Since May this year, she has been artist in residence at the Sherman Cymru theatre in Cardiff where she is producing a new project, Moving Narratives. Her residency is supported by the theatre as part of their Artist Development Initiative and funded by the Arts Council of Wales.
Héloïse's work includes film, sound, drawing, writing, printmaking and casting. To a large extent people are her main medium, with her work relying on conversations and experiences shared with participants, experiences which are then translated into visual/audio works and archives. 
Héloïse will be talking to us about her project and experiences as an artist in residence at Sherman Cymru at August FORUM. 

How you can get involved...

As a part of the Moving Narratives project, Héloïse will be drawing and filming the people who use Sherman Cymru – actors, audiences, and staff. This research will contrast the performances and scripts that performers and non-performers engage in. An exhibition of audio-visual work and prints will open at the theatre in the Autumn 2012.
She is looking to meet with performers and non-performers who have:
- Lines/gestures to learn – these could be for a performance on stage but equally anything that requires thought before being spoken/acted out. This could be a speech for a wedding, practice make-up for an occassion, preparation for a birth or a sporting event, preparation for an interview, practicing a meal for a first date etc. Anything that requires some practice!
- Plans to visit Sherman Cymru or another venue in the next month to see a performance. Héloïse will be researching ways that audiences prepare to see theatre/dance.
Anyone who helps with her research will receive a piece of limited edition art in September 2012.
Please get in touch at:
Twitter @HeloiseGodfrey

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