Saturday, 13 October 2012

Made in Roath

Now in its 4th year Made in Roath returns with a full programme of events, such as exhibitions and workshops, that stretch into the community in an effort to create an inclusive environment for local artwork. The festival will play host to numerous forms of art including presentations of locally made films, music and spoken word performances and more traditional exhibitions of painting and photography. 

The festival began on Friday 12th October and continues until 21st October.

Some highlights and participants of the schedule include:


The new gallery space will play host to Brzeska' Eagle, a tribute to Henri Gaudier Brzeska an artist who lived in Roath in 1908. g39 have invited three Wales based artists to respond to the magnificent stuffed eagle from the National Museum of Wales that Brzeska studied in the early 1900s.

The Hand of Roath 

For the duration of the festival, Made in Roath will be occupying an empty shop space in Queen’s Arcade in the city centre as well as bringing passing shoppers a rolling programme of performance based art.

The Gate

As part of the exciting Made in Roath festival The Gate will be hosting an open exhibition of local talent that aims to give an insight into the people and community of Roath, something reflected in its inclusive attitude regardless of constraints on age, experience and subject. 

In that spirit the show comprises mixed media work from children, the elderly, amateur and professional on equal standing.

The show opened on the 10th October and will continue to the 3rd November.


Throughout the festival there will be an array of workshops including silent movie making, script writing, flower arranging, lindy hop dancing and we will be hosting a digital photography workshop at Milkwood with Ffotogallery. 

Closing Night
Sunday 21st October
7pm onwards

As well as a screening of the classic ‘movie goer’s movie’ Cinema Paradiso, and a free DJ and live art event at The Globe, there will also be a night time trail paying homage to Roath after dark. Using sound and light based artwork, the trail will include a dramatic live performance of Fauré’s Requiem in memory of Cardiff’s lost architecture and hot spiced punch at various venues to keep you warm!

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