Friday, 14 December 2012

Opportunity: ATTIC begins ‘Rapid Cycling’

Artists Sara Annwyl and Julia Thomas introduced us to ATTIC at November's FORUM and this week, they sent a call out to Wales based artists interested in contributing to the new gallery and project space over the coming year.

ATTIC, hosted within the charity Journeys, is 'committed to an exploration of how emotional distress, cognitive ‘dysfunction’ and ’madness’ are understood, treated and experienced scientifically, personally and culturally.'  The

The deadline for expressions of interest is Sunday 6th January 2013 and for more information, here is an excerpt from the call out:

'ATTIC’s primary activities will develop from a shared exploration of the subject matter through the curation of fine art exhibitions and associated events. However, we will be open to working with practitioners of other creative forms: for example literature, music, dance and cinema. It is a central objective of ours that we should enable the development of new creative work as well as providing the support for innovative and informed creative and intellectual exploration of mental illness and mental health. Artists are encouraged to think about how they might use the space and opportunity to either explore relevant lines of enquiry within their existing art practice or how they might develop a new idea.'

To find out how to apply please visit the ATTIC website.

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