Saturday, 2 March 2013

The 'Made in Wales' Shop
This proposed new artist run store will feature the work of Welsh makers in it’s biggest shopping center, St David’s, right at the heart of the countries capital.
Made in Wales will showcase handmade gifts, crafts and original artwork. Their aim is to attract a diverse customer base including the many tourists visiting the capital.Their aim to open our shop in May for a 9 week trail period. (8th May until 7th July)They then hope to return for a second installment later in the year.They are inviting all Welsh artists to apply to take part in this unique concept.You can apply to take part as one of the shop team, working in the shop throughout the trial, or as a guest maker.
The Made in Wales shop will be managed by Bryony Morgan, of Made in Bristol, who founded the successful artist run shop, Paper Scissors Stone, in Bristol.Made in Bristol provides Bristol’s creative community with professional, affordable retail and business development opportunities.
Artists taking part in Paper Scissors Stone throughout 2012 found the experience very rewarding, not just financially but also with developing work, building confidence and the chance to work with other artists resulted in new collaborations, friendship and networks being formed.
Please email to request an application form.
The deadline to apply is 25th March
All applicants will be contacted before 5pm on 5th April.


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