Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August FORUM - Art Prizes

6.30pm at g39, Oxford St, Cardiff CF24 3DT

For this month's Forum we will be discussing Art Prizes, and will be hearing from artists and selectors. This theme ties in with the current exhibition at g39, the John Gingell Award

John Gingell (1935-2007) was a pioneering and passionate artist and arts educator. In accordance with John’s wishes, the Gingell family and g39 developed an award that continued John’s legacy and work as a passionate advocate of art education, by supporting the career development of two artists selected via an open submission process. The family invited g39 to offer curatorial and critical support to Toby Huddlestone and Alan Goulbourne, the recipients of the award, with the intention to significantly develop their practices. The are presenting their resulting bodies of work together for the first time as two exhibitions in g39.

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