Friday, 11 April 2014

three/tair at gallery/ten

Molly Rooke, a previous stall holder at a Ffotogallery book-fair is featured in a new exhibition alongside contemporaries Helen Booth and Sue Williams.

4th April - 3rd May 2014

Gallery/ten presents three/tair, a three-woman exhibition of new work by painters Helen Booth + Sue Williams + Printmaker Molly Rooke

Spanning from the recognizable to pure geometric abstraction, two-time pollock krasner foundation award winner Helen Booth's layering + reuse of materials - wether marble dust, paper or thread - remains constant, creating work of delicate fragility + depth. Royal collage of art graduate Molly Rooke's often humorous work from new narratives through her treatment of found images through various printing processes. The 'realistic expectations' series plays on typical postcard imagery + its promise of the perfect holiday destination, but reality is never quite as imagined. Challenging the fantasies of feminism, sexuality, gender + culture, three/tair features arts mundi 2 shortlisted artist  Sue Williams' most recent work, a series of lithographs entitled 'talk 2 me: communication' - great examples of the core themes of her practice coupled with Williams' recognizable strong mark-making.

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