Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September FORUM | Conversation Pieces

Thursday 27th September / 6.30pm / Ffotogallery at Chapter

At the August FORUM we said our sad goodbyes to  Freya Dooley who has been a massive part of FORUM for the past 6 months. She has come to the end of her internship at WARP, so although she won't be officially responsible for FORUMmy shenanigans, we hope to see her at many more to come! Freya, please keep us all in the loop with your practice in the future, we'd love to see how you are getting on.

On the other had we are pleased to welcome regular FORUMmer and now new WARP intern Jess Mathews, who will be taking over the role for the next 6 months. September's FORUM takes place in the run up to the Artes Mundi 5, so we will be discussing practice and projects that make conversation and participation an integral part of the artwork itself.  Jess will discuss her ongoing project ‘Critical Mass’, drawing on the content and themes of Artes Mundi 5’s symposium surrounding socially engaged art practices.

WARP regular Claire Prosser will share her ideas for her upcoming project ‘Between oneandanother’, which consists of a series of actions, live performance and art happenings for this year’s Made in Roath Festival. Tiff Oben will also be talking about her project.

We will meet in Chapter foyer at 6.30pm, look out for the FORUM sign! We will show you to Ffotogallery's meeting room which is hidden away in the darkest recesses of Chapter.

August FORUM at g39