Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Forum - 26 June

The theme of this months Forum is Influence. Join us at the newest skatepark/arts venue on the block - Spit and Sawdust - for some short films or audio pieces that have had an influence on your practice. Suggest a short to be shown, or bring some of your own video work for critical feedback.

To suggest a film email clare@ffotogallery.org or intern@g30.org.


Friday, 13 June 2014


This annual exhibition showcases the quality and breadth of graduates’ practices from photographic and visual arts courses across the UK. The show draws attention to innovative new talents from a range of photographic fields. FreshFaced+WildEyed 2014 will open to submission in February 2014 via The Photographers’ Gallery website.
This year's judges are David Drake, Director Ffotogallery; Sheyi Bankale, Editor and Founder, Next Level; Sophy Rickett, visual artists and photographer.
16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW

Shift: Ukraine in Crisis


Opening Night: Friday May 2

Monday May 26 – Monday June 1: ‘Shift’ curation event

On November 24, 2013, approximately 100,000 civilians joined together in Kiev’s Independence Square (locally known as Maidan), to protest against the Ukrainian government’s decision to reject a proposed political and trade accord with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Russia. A few days later, riot police began to beat the demonstrators. New anti-protest laws were imposed and the demonstrators prepared to defend themselves with force. Violence escalated in December, January and February and the first demonstrators were killed. The government resigned and elections were called for May 2014. In March, a ‘referendum’ encouraged by the Russian government was held in Crimea: the majority of voters backed the region joining Russia and leaving Ukraine. Ukraine is in crisis: the people have protested, a president has tumbled and borders have been disputed and breached. The political fabric and cultural identity of a nation have been questioned, challenged and continue to be disrupted.
The exhibition opens May 2, and between May 26 and June 1, the show itself will ‘shift’ and ‘change’, responding to the situation on the ground following the presidential elections on May 25. Images will be moved, and new ones will be brought in to the gallery space in a dynamic curatorial event unique to Third Floor Gallery.
Exhibiting photographers: Alexander Chekmenev (Ukraine), Maxim Dondyuk (Ukraine), Corentin Fohlen (France), Louisa Gouliamaki (Poland), Brendan Hoffman (USA), Tom Jamieson (UK), Marco Kesseler (UK), Anastasia Taylor-Lind (UK/ Sweden), Donald Weber (USA), Emine Ziyatdinova (Ukraine)

Bloody Poetry

Beth Greenhalgh

Tues 03 - Sun 22 June: Ongoing Installation11 - 5pm
Wed 11, Thur 12 & Fri 13 June 6.30pm Performance

The scene is taking place within a shop, within a shopping centre. The scene will involve body, sound, sculpture, text and voice. Behind the scene a relationship with  a seagull is formed.

The scene:

So I open my mouth and you look inside. It is enlarged now and easy to follow the arrowed path down to the heart. You reach it's beat. The Vena cava is stretched at length. It has darkened.
The aorta, a distant throb, a distilled ripple. The landscape is forming, between the mouth and the heart. It grows at its own pace and is measured in colour. The mouth makes noise. This noise, a fuzz of sound causes light to freeze around objects. We become poetry. We become beat.
We become beat poets.
Born in Huddersfield, Beth Greenhalgh studied Time-Based practice at Cardiff school of Art and Design. Recent works include 'Little Tokyo' The Tate london,'Little Green' National Eisteddfodd, Wales and 'The yellow Wallpaper' The ATTIC, Cardiff. Her work uitilizes highly aesthetic scenes to evoke uncanny ritual and images alluding to a mystical reality based on a distorted "popular culture".