Thursday, 28 August 2014

FORUM Funeral - Elegies & Eulogies

Thursday 28 August 2014

6.30pm - Late
Open to all / Starting at ArcadeCardiff
Queen's Arcade, Cardiff

For our very last FORUM we are heading to ArcadeCardiff for a closer look at Hannah Biscombe's exhibition Infinitas

Hannah Biscombe’s work is grounded in the use of photograms – a primitive photographic technique that records the space around objects on paper- made with living creatures.

From 7.30pm we'll gather at Urban Taphouse to lament the loss of FORUM; a programme that has run for over 4 years linking artists with each other, their projects and art spaces across the city.

We invite you to join us to celebrate FORUM's accomplishments and the audiences, artists and contributors who have made it a success. We'll also be taking feedback from Forum-goers as to how the programme could evolve in the future.

As always FORUM is FREE and all are welcome to come along and join the discussion.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Forum - G39 talk

This month Forum is linking in with G39's talk series, and going down to listen to Andrew Hunt, Artist and Curator. Here is the information.

Andrew was formerly curator at Focal Point Gallery and International Project Space, Birmingham. He's now freelance based in London. He'll be talking about his approach to projects and about how spaces can create identity and an international looking programme outside of London.

To book email 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

WYWH Portfolio Reviews - 17 July

Ffotogallery at Chapter / 17 July / £10 per 30min session / Limited spaces available by selection
Held within our teaching spaces in Chapter, Cardiff, these informal folio reviews offer photographers the opportunity to share and receive critical and practical feedback on finished projects and works in progress.
Reviewers include Ullrike Smalley, Creative Producer at Ffotogallery; Ken Grant, Photographer and Senior Lecturer at Ulster University; and Dawn Woolley, Photographer, Artist and Freelance Lecturer.
To book please follow this link to eventbrite, or contact

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Forum - 26 June

The theme of this months Forum is Influence. Join us at the newest skatepark/arts venue on the block - Spit and Sawdust - for some short films or audio pieces that have had an influence on your practice. Suggest a short to be shown, or bring some of your own video work for critical feedback.

To suggest a film email or

Friday, 13 June 2014


This annual exhibition showcases the quality and breadth of graduates’ practices from photographic and visual arts courses across the UK. The show draws attention to innovative new talents from a range of photographic fields. FreshFaced+WildEyed 2014 will open to submission in February 2014 via The Photographers’ Gallery website.
This year's judges are David Drake, Director Ffotogallery; Sheyi Bankale, Editor and Founder, Next Level; Sophy Rickett, visual artists and photographer.
16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW

Shift: Ukraine in Crisis


Opening Night: Friday May 2

Monday May 26 – Monday June 1: ‘Shift’ curation event

On November 24, 2013, approximately 100,000 civilians joined together in Kiev’s Independence Square (locally known as Maidan), to protest against the Ukrainian government’s decision to reject a proposed political and trade accord with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Russia. A few days later, riot police began to beat the demonstrators. New anti-protest laws were imposed and the demonstrators prepared to defend themselves with force. Violence escalated in December, January and February and the first demonstrators were killed. The government resigned and elections were called for May 2014. In March, a ‘referendum’ encouraged by the Russian government was held in Crimea: the majority of voters backed the region joining Russia and leaving Ukraine. Ukraine is in crisis: the people have protested, a president has tumbled and borders have been disputed and breached. The political fabric and cultural identity of a nation have been questioned, challenged and continue to be disrupted.
The exhibition opens May 2, and between May 26 and June 1, the show itself will ‘shift’ and ‘change’, responding to the situation on the ground following the presidential elections on May 25. Images will be moved, and new ones will be brought in to the gallery space in a dynamic curatorial event unique to Third Floor Gallery.
Exhibiting photographers: Alexander Chekmenev (Ukraine), Maxim Dondyuk (Ukraine), Corentin Fohlen (France), Louisa Gouliamaki (Poland), Brendan Hoffman (USA), Tom Jamieson (UK), Marco Kesseler (UK), Anastasia Taylor-Lind (UK/ Sweden), Donald Weber (USA), Emine Ziyatdinova (Ukraine)

Bloody Poetry

Beth Greenhalgh

Tues 03 - Sun 22 June: Ongoing Installation11 - 5pm
Wed 11, Thur 12 & Fri 13 June 6.30pm Performance

The scene is taking place within a shop, within a shopping centre. The scene will involve body, sound, sculpture, text and voice. Behind the scene a relationship with  a seagull is formed.

The scene:

So I open my mouth and you look inside. It is enlarged now and easy to follow the arrowed path down to the heart. You reach it's beat. The Vena cava is stretched at length. It has darkened.
The aorta, a distant throb, a distilled ripple. The landscape is forming, between the mouth and the heart. It grows at its own pace and is measured in colour. The mouth makes noise. This noise, a fuzz of sound causes light to freeze around objects. We become poetry. We become beat.
We become beat poets.
Born in Huddersfield, Beth Greenhalgh studied Time-Based practice at Cardiff school of Art and Design. Recent works include 'Little Tokyo' The Tate london,'Little Green' National Eisteddfodd, Wales and 'The yellow Wallpaper' The ATTIC, Cardiff. Her work uitilizes highly aesthetic scenes to evoke uncanny ritual and images alluding to a mystical reality based on a distorted "popular culture".


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May FORUM this Thursday

Post-work Relaxation / Life Drawing Session


g39. Oxford Street, CF24 3DT

For this month's FORUM we will be indulging in some post-work relaxation. Please bring a PILLOW or something to rest your head on as we lie back and take in relaxing audio to restore us before taking part in a digital life drawing session. A LAPTOP COMPUTER that can access the internet via WIFI will be useful for this part of the session.

FORUM is a platform for early career artists, practitioners and graduates to talk about issues surrounding contemporary practice in a relaxed and informal setting.

Run in collaboration with g39, FORUM is always free and everyone is always welcome.

You can now follow FORUM on twitter @artistforum

Friday, 11 April 2014

Helen Sear is Axisweb Artist of the Month!

Helen Sear is currently artist of the month over at Axisweb. Follow the link below to see her interview where she discusses her interest in photography, it's composition and the art scene in South Wales.

three/tair at gallery/ten

Molly Rooke, a previous stall holder at a Ffotogallery book-fair is featured in a new exhibition alongside contemporaries Helen Booth and Sue Williams.

4th April - 3rd May 2014

Gallery/ten presents three/tair, a three-woman exhibition of new work by painters Helen Booth + Sue Williams + Printmaker Molly Rooke

Spanning from the recognizable to pure geometric abstraction, two-time pollock krasner foundation award winner Helen Booth's layering + reuse of materials - wether marble dust, paper or thread - remains constant, creating work of delicate fragility + depth. Royal collage of art graduate Molly Rooke's often humorous work from new narratives through her treatment of found images through various printing processes. The 'realistic expectations' series plays on typical postcard imagery + its promise of the perfect holiday destination, but reality is never quite as imagined. Challenging the fantasies of feminism, sexuality, gender + culture, three/tair features arts mundi 2 shortlisted artist  Sue Williams' most recent work, a series of lithographs entitled 'talk 2 me: communication' - great examples of the core themes of her practice coupled with Williams' recognizable strong mark-making.

For more information visit:

Ian Parry Scholarship 2014 opens for entries

Photographers have until 07 July to enter this year’s Ian Parry Scholarship.
Launched in 1991 in honour of Ian Parry, a 24-year-old photojournalist who was tragically killed whilst on assignment for The Sunday Times in December 1989 in Romania, the Scholarship comes with a £3500 grant for the production of a documentary body of work. The winner is also automatically added to the final list of nominees for the Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam, and will join the Reportage by Getty Images agency as an Emerging Talent.
“This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Ian Parry Scholarship,” says Rebecca McClelland, the organisation’s creative director. “We will be remembering Ian and marking this special occasion with a series of new free events, publications and exhibitions.”
She adds: “The scholarship provides an important platform to showcase your work and also the chance to be mentored by us in the photographic industry. We are looking for stories that have been well-researched with originality and not necessarily in far flung destinations.”
For more information:

Friday, 4 April 2014

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain - g39

Beyond its literal meaning about the unsuccessful pretender to the throne, this exhibition’s title is a mnemonic. Each word represents another, prompting us to recall the colours of the visible spectrum in sequence. Richard = red, Battle = blue. The words are stand-ins for other images. Mnemonics are used to aid recall, but rather than simplifying they add another layer of complexity to a phrase’s meaning.

The artists in Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain tread similar ground. Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost overlays spoken fantastical narratives onto commonplace objects, the pace, whimsy and charm of which often contradict the images she presents. Drawing equally from the world of symbolism and metaphor, Catrin Davies & Lewis Wright refer to the Classical painting tradition of the still life in which objects stand in for a bigger narrative. The painted surface becomes a code for the viewer to crack. Catrin & Lewis appropriate this tradition by assembling still life sculptures and flooding them with pigment. Jorge Lizalde’s work looks at the way we remember and how we recall events. In his Mnemonic series, short filmic poems are created from online resources in response to participants’ early memories. 

Artists: Jorge Lizalde, Catrin Davies and Lewis Wright, Laure Prouvost. 
And Unit #1 features Megan Broadmeadow (4 April - 3 May); Shaun Featherstone / Frock n Robe (7-24 May); James Green 28 May - 21 June).

Preview: 4th April 2014 - 6pm
Exhibition Walk and Talk
Saturday 3 May 1pm
Join curator Anthony Shapland for a curatorial tour and discussion of the exhibition. Free, all welcome. 

The Pattern In My Carpet - USW PhotoArt Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: Friday 4th April - Saturday 12th April, 10am - 5pm (Closed Sunday & Monday)

"This year, second year students from the Photographic Art course at the newly constituted University of South Wales have spent the last few months working in and around Newport to create works aimed at engaging the community and its history." - Eileen Little

This exhibition, located within the Newport Museum and Art Gallery and an empty shop on the high street, shows a consideration to the community and returns the work back to the area which inspired it.

Newport Museum & Art Gallery,
John Frost Square,
NP20 1PA


Unit 2,
147 Commercial Street
NP20 1LN

For more information:

Friday, 7 March 2014

RIGA Photo Month 2014

Until April 20, photographers and visual artists are invited to submit their photobook dummies and self-published books for the international SELF PUBLISH RIGA competition. The winning entries will be featured in an exhibition as part of Riga Photo Month in May 2014.
Self-publishing makes it possible for artists to make and distribute their books themselves, avoiding the restrictions dictated by mass production. Bookmaking has become a more democratic process, available to everyone. The aim of SELF PUBLISH RIGA is to introduce a wider audience to the concept of self-publishing, using succesful examples to focus on its possibilities.
Entries will be judged by an international jury: Markus Schaden (founder of the Schaden publishing house, DE), Teun van der Heijden (photobook designer, NL), Ania Nalecka (photobook designer, PL), Matt Johnston (founder of the Photobook Club, UK), Juris Petraškēvics (artist and professor, Art Academy of Latvia) and Nico Baumgarten (photographer and bookmaker, DE). Members of the jury as well as other international partners from Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania will visit Riga in May for the SELF PUBLISH RIGA event, including a photobook exhibition, discussions, lectures and workshops.
The winner of the contest will have the chance to attend an International Summer School of Photography 2014 ( workshop of their choice free of charge; the three best entries will receive individual porfolio reviews with the jury members. Top Ten books will receive a special online feature. More information on the competition and submission requirements:

Tugba Simsek Solo Show

Tuesday March 18, 2014
The Alchemists Gallery
Bridge Street
CF10 2EE

The Alchemists Gallery presents a collection of new work by Tuğba Şimşek titled ' I Wish you were all here'. 

Tugba creates her work with an endearing sensibility which means her work could easily be over looked, because of this, the message is not a loud statement, but one of personal intrigue and wonder.

Come along on the opening night for drinks and of course a little partay to celebrate Tugba's work as whole.

Come Along Do: Under the Skin

  • April 3, 2014
    Chapter Common Room

    Join us after the screening of Under the Skin on April 3 for Come Along Do, an informal and lively platform for discussion around art and film, led by Gill Nicol. Whether you have something burning to say or would simply like to listen and ponder over the film, just come along - everyone is welcome.

    After landing on Earth and slipping into the skin of a human woman, Scarlett Johansson’s space creature drives around Scotland seducing young men before one of them gives her pause to look at other aspects of human nature. An abstract, fascinating deconstruction of sexual power with a hypnotic musical score, this is a mesmerizing cinematic experience. Under the Skin is director Jonathan Glazier’s third feature film since his award-winning debut Sexy Beast and 2004’s critically acclaimed Birth.

    See the trailer here:

    Tickets £2.50. Tickets for the film must be bought separately.


    Gill Nicol trained as an artist and has worked for numerous organisations including Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, Tate Liverpool and Arnolfini in Bristol. She now runs Lightsgoingon, working to make contemporary at accessible, for as many people as possible, through workshops and events.

    Previous Come Along Do discussions have followed McCullin, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, The Artist is Present, Shame, Notebooks on Cities and Clothes, The Lebanese Rocket Society and 12 Years a Slave. The diverse films we select span a variety of art-forms and are rich in opportunity for conversation and debate. Keep an eye on our Gallery events page and Chapter Cinema listings for upcoming collaborative events.

DATHLU! Women Artists of Gwent, Open Art Exhibition in Celebration of International Women's Day

The opening event is on Saturday March 8th (IWD) between 2-5pm in the UPMARKET Galleries-

Newport Provisions Market
Upper Dock Street
NP20 1DD

Three artists have kindly agreed to make a special contribution, making it a real occasion:

• Local Author and Writing Tutor Meg Kingston will read from her Steampunk novel Chrystal Heart and talk about her latest book, a pocket guide for aspiring writers called Just Add Writing. (Steampunk is a kind of sci-fi that has a Victorian twist to it - combining a past that never was with technology that ought to be. Come along and listen to find out more.)

• Artist Victoria J E Jones will present her project 'Celestial Cluster 01: Wednesday Ladies, Newport' which she created as part of her residency with Milkfloat Projects.

• The multi-talented artist and trained dancer Marega Palser will make a unique and absorbing contribution through her live drawing performance in the style of 'Sometimes We Look'. This exploration of mark-making and movement previously toured Wales and was performed at the International Dance Festival in Morocco last year to critical acclaim.
Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage will be on offer by Carmela Gianfagna.
Screenings of ‘the bosses are just like him’, a thought provoking film exploring sexual politics by Jorden Williams will be shown in the cellar.

For women everywhere, at home and abroad, a dance /protest has been suggested as a gesture of support. Find yourself some balaclava headgear and we will peacefully rock!
The show will feature a wide range of art, paintings, photography, mixed media and craft. It will run until 22nd March.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spring Exhibition at Gallery/Ten


07/03/2014 - 29/03/2014 All Day
first floor 23 windsor place
cf10 3by

gallery/ten presents spring, a mixed exhibition of new work from the gallery’s artists + designers.

spring sees new work from painter seren morgan jones + creative wales award winner natalia dias, recent drawings by andré stitt + photography-based work by carwyn evans. 

the exhibition welcomes to the gallery artes mundi 2 shortlisted artist sue williams + two-time pollock krasner foundation award winner helen booth. williams explores + challenges the fantasies of feminism, sexuality, gender + culture in her characteristically strong work; while booth’s paintings capture the flattening quality of the welsh winter light – making geometry of landscapes + rock formations while distilling skeletal trees + melancholy weather to scratches, scuffs + scars.

spring will also see the launch of kiosk, a dedicated online platform for selling craft, design, prints + publications. kiosk will house selected works, limited edition prints + publications from the gallery’s existing pool of artists alongside invited welsh + wales-based makers, ceramicists + designers. access to kiosk comes through the gallery’s website where visitors can browse + purchase work directly online. a selection of items featured on kiosk will be displayed in the gallery as part of springshowcasing the range of artworks available. 

for further information on the gallery, its artists + kiosk see

Artes Mundi 6 Exhibition Dates

Artes Mundi returns to National Museum Cardiff, Chapter and other sites with its 6th exhibition on October 25th 2014.
Artes Mundi 6, which runs for 17 weeks until February 22nd 2015, will feature work from 9 international pioneering, contemporary artists who explore a diverse number of themes. The exhibition will include sculpture, installation, performance, film and photography as well as site specific work in the city centre. At least half of the artists will inhabit the Contemporary Galleries in the West Wing of National Museum Cardiff, a major partner on this ambitious project.
Following successful collaboration during ArtesMundi 5, Chapter arts Centre will be an official exhibiting partner playing a vital role exhibiting the work of participating artists in the gallery but also acting as an important hub for rehearsals, film screenings and other events.
Other venues and sites across the city centre will be announced in the coming months.
In the lead up to and during the exhibition there will be a programme of dialogues, lunchtime talks and free, family-friendly events across Wales.
This year’s shortlist is a diverse selection of international artists spanning different generations and cultures. It includes some of the pioneers of current contemporary art practice on the world stage, and the opportunity to showcase their work in this major exhibition is a huge cultural coup for Wales. The artists shortlisted are:
Carlos Bunga
Omer Fast
Theaster Gates
Sanja Ivekovic
Ragnar Kjartansson
Sharon Lockhart
Renata Lucas
Renzo Martens
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler
For more information on Artes Mundi and this years shortlist visit

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Future Forward Portfolio Advice

Future Forward is a free portfolio and arts advisory service for 16 - 25 year olds. You don't have to be in formal education (though students are very welcome), or even be 100% sure whether or not you want to be an artist! All we expect is that you have some interest in the sort of work Arnolfini programmes, and a desire to find out more about how to pursue a future in the contemporary arts.

Follow the link for more information and details of the upcoming sessions.

Call For Artists: Craft in the Bay Summer Show: Focus on Print

REACT Funding for Creative Projects

REACT is a collaboration between the UWE, Bristol (the University of the West of England), Watershed, (and iShed), and the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. It is a unique collaboration supporting innovative products and transformational services by bringing together companies and academics across South West and Wales. REACT funds collaborations between arts and humanities researchers and creative companies. These collaborations champion knowledge exchange, cultural experimentation and  the development of innovative digital technologies in the creative economy. REACT is one of four Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to develop strategic partnerships with creative businesses and cultural organisations, to strengthen and diversify their collaborative research activities and increase the number of arts and humanities researchers actively engaged in research-based knowledge exchange.

REACT is working with iShed to deliver projects using the Sandbox process. Each Sandbox scheme will have a different theme and to qualify applicants must have a project that uses Arts and Humanities research with a Creative Economy partner.

REACT's Feasibility funding offers up to £15,000 over a three to six month period for projects or partnerships at an early stage of development or collaboration.

REACT's Prototype fund offers a grant of up to £30,000 for more advanced projects to develop ideas into prototypes or proofs of concept.

Full information on eligibility and how to apply available at:

A Fine Beginning: Made in Wales Exhibition at Arcade Cardiff

A Fine Beginning is an open Welsh photography collective, established by James O Jenkins with the ambition to develop a platform to discover and showcase contemporary photography being made in Wales today.
The collective launched with a publication in May 2013 at the publishing weekend of the inaugural Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography. The issue showcased the work of four of the current members; Gawain Barnard, Jack Latham, Abbie Trayler-Smith and James O Jenkins. In foregrounding photography in Wales, the festival provided an opportune moment to launch the first instalment of A Fine Beginning.
A Fine Beginning aims to offer a platform to photographers making work in Wales to have their photography seen and appreciated in Wales and beyond. 
‘A Fine Beginning: Made in Wales‘ is at Arcade Cardiff on 14th March 2014 (to 30th March). The exhibition will show work from the collective as well as selected images from work  featured on their blog. Please join us.

Opening night 14/03/14

Wednesday - Saturday 12.30 - 17.30

 Unit 17

Friday, 28 February 2014


Interference: Samuel Hasler

28 March 2014, 6pm

As part of INTERFERENCEa programme of residencies that offer Wales-based artists a studio and curatorial dialogue, Samuel Hasler will be opening up his studio practice to the public from the 18-30 March. The residency will culminate in a Book Launch event of Samuel's first published work, O, A Prayer Book, with performances by three other Book Works published artists.

In this temporary studio Samuel will present the imagery and processes that sit alongside his writing. In this, there is a precarious balance between fact and fiction; the writing and performances manipulate the mythology of the ‘wild bohemian’ artist at work. In his draughty garret, with cigarettes, absinthe, and a waste-paper bin overflowing with failed manuscripts, the studio is not just his daily working environment but a place to indulge in and critique these spurious fantasies.

From Fri 28 Mar – Sun 30 Mar there will also be a series of events in collaboration with Book Works publishers to mark the launch of Samuel’s first published work.

O, A Prayer Book: Book Launch and Performance
29 March 2014, 2.30pm

Chapter are pleased to host the book launch of Samuel Hasler's first published work, O, A Prayer Book.

An incantation and repetition of prayers marks the introduction to a young man’s isolated, creatively stifled existence. Deluded by the stagnating mythology of great European modernist artists, he escapes the drudgery of the supermarket nightshift but not his perverse imagination. He travels to Moscow and Venice on a journey that causes reflection on his romantic ideas: his desire for a wild, bohemian life; his crude libido and his increasing doubts about his faith. The book operates as both a story and as a spine connecting performances, readings, installations and printing, operating as material context for a body of work.

The evening will feature performances and readings by Samuel Hasler and invited artists Katrina PalmerFrancesco Pedraglio and Sarah Tripp, each presenting material from their forthcoming books to be published by Book Works in 2014. No booking required.

 O, A Prayer Book is published by Book Works and funded by the Arts Council of Wales and The Henry Moore Foundation.

Why Do Artists Write?
30 March 2014, 5pm

In Conversation: Gavin Everall, Jane Rolo, Samuel Hasler, Katrina Palmer and Francesco Pedraglio

Whilst writing and publishing gives form for the exploration of varying discourses, it has remained - despite the historical significance of artists writing - a marginal, often misunderstood form of art. Artists Samuel Hasler, Katrina Palmer and Francesco Pedraglio, with Book Works’ publishers and editors Jane Rolo and Gavin Everall, discuss the use of fiction, prose and spoken word and the shift to writing and publishing within the art world.

In 2014, Book Works celebrates thirty years of publishing multiple forms of artist books. As one of the UK's most established Artist Book publishers, they support and encourage the relationship between text, image, spoken word and performance. Their artist publications blur lines between experimental prose, fiction, and exploratory discursive texts.

This event is free and no booking is required.

Film Screening: Berberian Sound Studio

30 March 2014, 5pm
Cinema 2

When a naïve and introverted sound engineer is hired to mix the latest film by horror maestro Santini, he spends his time surrounded by bloodcurdling screams and the sounds of hacked vegetables. He finds himself lost in an otherworldly spiral of sonic and personal mayhem. As much a celebration of predigital film-making and the giallo genre as it is a striking and unpredictable psychological horror.
Following the screening, artist Samuel Hasler will be in discussion with host Ben Ewart-Dean to discuss his explorations of contemporary Giallo.


Samuel Hasler lives and works in Cardiff. His approach to making artwork is varied, it includes writing, performance, printmaking and installations. He has recently presented work with Book Works (London), The Whitstable Biennale, Spike Island (Bristol), and The Arnolfini (Bristol).
Book Works is an art commissioning organisation specialising in artists’ books, spoken word and printed matter, dedicated to supporting new work by emerging artists.
Katrina Palmer is an artist and the author of The Dark Object. As well as recently being awarded the Artangel Open commission, her next book The Fabricator’s Tale will be published by Book Works in 2014.
Francesco Pedraglio is a writer, performer, and curator. He was one of the founding directors of FormContent, a fellow of Henry Moore Institute, and recently the editor of Time Machine, a series of experimental books published by Book Works. A man in a room spray-painting a fly (or at least trying to) is published by Book Works, 2014.
Sarah Tripp is an artist based in Glasgow. He work has been published in2HB, The Happy Hypocrite  and she was recently awarded the Camden Art Centre’s inaugural Radio Writing residency. Come Here Unknow will be published by Book Works in 2014.