Thursday, 13 May 2010

B.S Twenty One Exhibition

As a part of Bristol Photography Festival 20 May to 9 June

Twenty-one of Bristol’s independent photographic artists have joined together to form the collective group B.S Twenty One.
The Exhibition will consist of three shows, each will run for one week and will look at various aspects of the photograph.

WEEK ONE: ROCK (20th May: 6pm) The work in this show will focus on the permanence and stasis of the photographic image.

WEEK TWO: PAPER (27th May: 6pm) The second week will feature the communication of the narrative within photographic images.

WEEK THREE: SCISSORS (3rd June: 6pm) The final week will showcase the cutting edge of contemporary images. The show will highlight manipulated images and conceptual photography.

The shows will be thought provoking as well as visually dynamic exploring the visual language of photographs. Come and support this exhibition.


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