Monday, 10 May 2010

Hello Fwends

Greetings from Hobson Towers,London! A hearty round of applause for FORA it is awesome, well done everyone. And the Book Arts Fayre was way good too, it was great to see everyone again!

So what happened at April's FORUM? was it the one where you went to Artes Mundi? And what is everyone up to? And where are the books I left at TH? In the post?

My news is that I have shaved off my moustache, made some collages that I don't like very much and am currently working on a floor to ceiling mountain made from cut out mountains. Below is a crudely stitched together image of my show in Manchester. I have put all of the work in the show on my website ( )

One of the collages I just made..........

How was Hasler's show???? How is the new show looking?



P.S Helen, stop snacking and get back to work!!!!!



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