Friday, 30 March 2012

Call for proposals: Disruption 2

Elysium Gallery is looking for artists to take part in a series of post apocalyptic performances and events to take place in various locations on Swansea High Street on Saturday 21st July.

Ravaged by war and neglect, Swansea High Street is the ultimate post-apocalyptic playground. Derelict theatres and shops line a dying street; the ghosts of the great and the good that once played here are now all but forgotten. As we look into the empty shop facades we see our own grey and hungry reflections. Each pitiful attempt at a new life here is thwarted by economic downturn and social apathy.

Is this the end? Or are we about to embark on something new?

Elysium Gallery is looking for artists who are willing to investigate through performance whether total social decay is just around the corner. We require visual documenters to record and inform us as to whether the worst is now in our past. We need commentators to join us and send word out that will bring us help. We need you.

On Saturday 21st July a series of events will start at 2pm which will either damn us all or bring us into the bright lights of a new dawn. These events will be linked with and following on from the previous nights grand launch of BEEP2012: Wales International Painting Prize – ‘Through Tomorrow's Eyes’ held at the Volcano space | 229 High Street | Swansea.

If you have any ideas on how survival is possible, and if you would like to be involved in anyway, please email us with your ideas, enthusiasms and questions by 23rd June 2012

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