Thursday, 22 March 2012

Opportunity to support Newport's centennial graduate project

Image (c) Claire Kern 2012

This year marks the centenary of 100 years of photography education at University of Wales Newport.
The students completing the BA Documentary Photography course this Summer will be the 100th year to graduate during an increasingly competitive and groundbreaking era for the medium and the territories occupied by documentary practice. Reflecting these times and such an incredible milestone for a course producing student works, that year on year, aim to redefine the genre; the students are upping the ante to produce an ambitious group publication.
This high quality production of 750 copies, will be internationally distributed and will showcase the very best work by the 29 students; work that defines them as new photographers and with which they will launch themselves into the abyss of the photographic and creative industries in 2012.

To achieve such a large-scale and ambitious project, the students are initiating a series of fundraising events and opportunities. One of which is a sponsorship scheme, with rewards for all that would like to donate. Please take the time to visit for more information and a short video introduction by the students themselves.

The publication will be officially launched at the opening of the graduate exhibition at University of Wales, Newport's City Campus building on 1st June 2012.

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