Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Critical Mass' at Artes Mundi 5

Critical Mass is a project specifically aimed at students and recent graduates, creating a platform for ideas in the run up to Artes Mundi 5.
Critical Mass will morph according to the needs and input of its population over the next few months, it is anticipated that by developing a number of forums we will be able to consider the embedded themes of Artes Mundi, discuss, and develop ideas (which may also activate extended projects in relation to Artes Mundi 5).
The project will engage multi-disciplined and distinct voices interested in developing dialogues with contemporary art and Artes Mundi in particular, whether practice-based, literary, philosophical or sociological.  The projects aims in relation to Artes Mundi 5 are to:
- create a discursive space
- engage students and recent graduates beyond university walls
- generate, question and engage exciting, alternative critical discourse
- expand opportunities for students and recent graduates to engage with Artes Mundi
- explore potential extended projects in relation to Artes Mundi 5.
The project will culminate in the ‘Critical Mass Symposium’.  It is anticipated that this one day event will evolve from, and be led by, the Critical Mass forums, offering the opportunity to engage with the exhibition and the National Museum Wales through interpretative papers, critical thinking and open discussion.
The foundation of the Critical Mass project is in providing an exciting and dynamic platform, generating discussion and possibilities for students, recent graduates and arts practitioners; encouraging new voices in relation to Artes Mundi 5 and the wider contexts of contemporary art.

More information about the project can be found here or through contact by e-mail

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