Saturday, 14 December 2013

Louise Hobson awarded Library Residency 2014

Former FORUM speaker, Louise Hobson will begin her residency in the WARP library space in January 2014 running through until March. We are all really happy for her and hope it all goes well!

For updates on her residency and to see what else is going on in warp and g39 see: 

Hobson stated that she is "...interested in the idea of the trade route and how as a theoretical and visual concept, it can be used as a tool to explore the exchange of art, knowledge and ideas on a global scale. In the Warp library there is a book called
'Connect: Public Art in Transit Project. Belfast to Dublin Rail Link' by Frances Dowds and I would like to take this catalogue of a project that explores making points and forging links, as a starting point."

Image Credit: © Louise Hobson, Theatre 2012

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