Friday, 13 December 2013

Lost and Found | The Obscure Camera Photography Exhibitions

Lost and Found
Community Photography Exhibition &
The Obscure Camera Abstract Photo Exhibition

Exhibitions open Wednesday, 11 December - Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Open: Tue - Fri 10.30 - 2, 3.30 - 6, Sat 11 - 6
26 Church Street, Abertillery. NP13 3HD

"Lost and Found” and “The Obscure Camera” are the sixth and seventh photography exhibitions organised in Abertillery, Wales by the*kickplate*project.

“Lost and Found” features copies of analogue photographs submitted by the members of our local community, including Abertillery, Six Bells and Brynmawr. In the times of omnipresent digital photography we wanted to remind everyone about the importance of physical prints that don’t get deleted easily and that can last for generations. We asked people to have another look at their photo albums, that all of us used to have and fill up with memories of holidays, celebrations and snapshots of everyday life. We discovered some real treasures, accounts of both people’s past and the past of photographic and printing techniques that are no longer used on a mass scale. We’d like to thank everyone who trusted us with their photographs and thus gave us an insight into their lives and artistic endeavours.

“The Obscure Camera” is an exhibition of abstract photography featuring German photographer 
Florian Schmidt. We decided to present these two contrasting types of photography – the very well-known scenes from family albums and a selection of abstract work that many of our viewers may not be familiar with. We’d like to show that abstraction is not necessarily inaccessible to an average viewer and to show that photography can be used to create an aesthetic or emotion and not just record the real world as it is. 

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