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Interference: Samuel Hasler

28 March 2014, 6pm

As part of INTERFERENCEa programme of residencies that offer Wales-based artists a studio and curatorial dialogue, Samuel Hasler will be opening up his studio practice to the public from the 18-30 March. The residency will culminate in a Book Launch event of Samuel's first published work, O, A Prayer Book, with performances by three other Book Works published artists.

In this temporary studio Samuel will present the imagery and processes that sit alongside his writing. In this, there is a precarious balance between fact and fiction; the writing and performances manipulate the mythology of the ‘wild bohemian’ artist at work. In his draughty garret, with cigarettes, absinthe, and a waste-paper bin overflowing with failed manuscripts, the studio is not just his daily working environment but a place to indulge in and critique these spurious fantasies.

From Fri 28 Mar – Sun 30 Mar there will also be a series of events in collaboration with Book Works publishers to mark the launch of Samuel’s first published work.

O, A Prayer Book: Book Launch and Performance
29 March 2014, 2.30pm

Chapter are pleased to host the book launch of Samuel Hasler's first published work, O, A Prayer Book.

An incantation and repetition of prayers marks the introduction to a young man’s isolated, creatively stifled existence. Deluded by the stagnating mythology of great European modernist artists, he escapes the drudgery of the supermarket nightshift but not his perverse imagination. He travels to Moscow and Venice on a journey that causes reflection on his romantic ideas: his desire for a wild, bohemian life; his crude libido and his increasing doubts about his faith. The book operates as both a story and as a spine connecting performances, readings, installations and printing, operating as material context for a body of work.

The evening will feature performances and readings by Samuel Hasler and invited artists Katrina PalmerFrancesco Pedraglio and Sarah Tripp, each presenting material from their forthcoming books to be published by Book Works in 2014. No booking required.

 O, A Prayer Book is published by Book Works and funded by the Arts Council of Wales and The Henry Moore Foundation.

Why Do Artists Write?
30 March 2014, 5pm

In Conversation: Gavin Everall, Jane Rolo, Samuel Hasler, Katrina Palmer and Francesco Pedraglio

Whilst writing and publishing gives form for the exploration of varying discourses, it has remained - despite the historical significance of artists writing - a marginal, often misunderstood form of art. Artists Samuel Hasler, Katrina Palmer and Francesco Pedraglio, with Book Works’ publishers and editors Jane Rolo and Gavin Everall, discuss the use of fiction, prose and spoken word and the shift to writing and publishing within the art world.

In 2014, Book Works celebrates thirty years of publishing multiple forms of artist books. As one of the UK's most established Artist Book publishers, they support and encourage the relationship between text, image, spoken word and performance. Their artist publications blur lines between experimental prose, fiction, and exploratory discursive texts.

This event is free and no booking is required.

Film Screening: Berberian Sound Studio

30 March 2014, 5pm
Cinema 2

When a naïve and introverted sound engineer is hired to mix the latest film by horror maestro Santini, he spends his time surrounded by bloodcurdling screams and the sounds of hacked vegetables. He finds himself lost in an otherworldly spiral of sonic and personal mayhem. As much a celebration of predigital film-making and the giallo genre as it is a striking and unpredictable psychological horror.
Following the screening, artist Samuel Hasler will be in discussion with host Ben Ewart-Dean to discuss his explorations of contemporary Giallo.


Samuel Hasler lives and works in Cardiff. His approach to making artwork is varied, it includes writing, performance, printmaking and installations. He has recently presented work with Book Works (London), The Whitstable Biennale, Spike Island (Bristol), and The Arnolfini (Bristol).
Book Works is an art commissioning organisation specialising in artists’ books, spoken word and printed matter, dedicated to supporting new work by emerging artists.
Katrina Palmer is an artist and the author of The Dark Object. As well as recently being awarded the Artangel Open commission, her next book The Fabricator’s Tale will be published by Book Works in 2014.
Francesco Pedraglio is a writer, performer, and curator. He was one of the founding directors of FormContent, a fellow of Henry Moore Institute, and recently the editor of Time Machine, a series of experimental books published by Book Works. A man in a room spray-painting a fly (or at least trying to) is published by Book Works, 2014.
Sarah Tripp is an artist based in Glasgow. He work has been published in2HB, The Happy Hypocrite  and she was recently awarded the Camden Art Centre’s inaugural Radio Writing residency. Come Here Unknow will be published by Book Works in 2014.

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